After the success of the 2017 edition - City of Culture deck Hull52 is returning for a turn of the decade edition, featuring both new and returning artists. The previous edition provided excellent networking opportunity for the artists involved and a great portfolio project to be a part of, whilst simultaneously raising money. Applications for the 2020 Deck are now open and awaiting your submission:

Submissions are
now closed.

Hull52 2017 was literally a pocket-sized art gallery you could play poker with - a successful, collaborative, playing-card art project showcasing the diversity of the Hull creative landscape. It was an assortment of 52 (plus two jokers) different styles and mediums all produced by 54 local wonderful talents.

It was worked on by a range of artistic people at different stages of their career. From students to industry professionals, each one was given full creative freedom to work within their own medium. The project produced incredible results.

Hull52 is a pocket size gallery, featuring 52 playable cards decorated with artwork from local Hull artists of all levels - from an aspiring collage student to a seasoned veteran, we want you! Artist applications open for 2020 now!

This year we wanted to give back to the artists who helped make Hull52 possible. The money raised through sales of the Hull52 will be put forward to help fund future art projects by the artists within the city, playing our small part in the creative growth of our city, and hopefully create more opportunities for the artists with in it.